On April 15, 1956, Ernest Hemingway and his wife Mary set off from their home near Havana on a five-week trip to Cabo Blanco. The offshore filming for the Hollywood motion picture The Old Man and the Sea was to take place near this Peruvian fishing village. Almost every day Hemingway went out marlin fishing on the Pacific with friends.

Why was the author so eager to catch a marlin off the coast of Peru? Perhaps because this is the largest animal that humans can conquer with their own strength.

Ernest Hemingway’s life has been examined in great detail. Very little, though, is known about those days in Cabo Blanco. More than 60 years after the Nobel Prize winner’s visit to Peru, the German journalist Wolfgang Stock retraced Hemingway’s steps.

Stock searched through dusty archives, tracked down old newspaper articles and photos, but also found witnesses who remember Ernesto as vividly as if they had just met.

Determined to discover every detail of Hemingway’s stay in Cabo Blanco, Stock travelled to Peru, Cuba, the USA and around Europe. The result, in clear and concise language, is an account of Ernest Hemingway’s weeks in Cabo Blanco as well as a retrospective assessment of his frame of mind.

Hemingway was, at this time, still the big-hearted adventurer with hopes and dreams, but also a man no longer in the prime of life and increasingly crushed by fears and contradictions. In Cabo Blanco – Mit Ernest Hemingway in Peru we see him through the eyes of both local fishermen and savvy reporters and are given the chance to decode the fascination and the secrets of this literary giant just a little more.

Wolfgang Stock
Cabo Blanco
Mit Ernest Hemingway in Peru
364 pages, BoD
12,99 € (Paperback), 6,99 € (E-Book)
ISBN: 9783751972567
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